The island is home to many beautiful beaches,coves,and swimming places, the trick is to find the one that suits you and enjoy the search!


There are a few things to bear in mind when setting out on this journey though and the first is the wind.The great thing about an island is that if the breeze becomes too distracting on one side you can just go across the island and find another which is calm. Skopelos does not usually have the strong winds associated with other island groups(like the Cyclades), and normally in the summer the breeze is refreshing rather than a nuisance, but of course there is always the chance of a strong wind occurring .In which case simply pick your location to suit the breeze.. which also works  in reverse of course when there are high temperatures and you are looking for a cooling breeze. Also usful if you like to play in the waves or float on a mirror clam sea. is a good resource for checking out the conditions.

Beach facilities are also a choice as Skopelos has everything from the clubbing atmosphere of Kastani beach to the bare(in every way) wild beach of Velanio .So if you want umbrella’s and ice cream or just emerald green water and solitude you need to do your research. Below we give you some clues but we leave most to you as the journey to find your perfect spot is an enjoyable one


Close to Skopelos town and therefore one of the most popular with local people. Regular bus service and a beach bar. Lively bustling place with umbrellas and sun beds quite narrow now but very sociable. Parking along the road above the staircase that leads down to the beach and a taverna with a car park. Good for families. Beach bar, umbrella’s and sunbeds . very sheltered- faces west.


Just clamber over the headland of Stafylos at the far end of the beach you will find the wider and quieter Velanio.The cove stretches for almost a kilometre the first part is a clothed ,though mainly topless beach and after you pass through some large rocks the beach becomes officially nudist. Very popular with couples and families.You can walk back to Stafylos beach bar for supplies. no facilities. Faces SW normally gentle breeze rarely gets big wind.


A beautiful small harbour with a few tavernas and cafes right on the waters edge. The small fine shingle beach is ideal for families and the clear water is nearly always calm. Parking is mainly along the road. Quite busy as its a small beach and very popular tavernas where fish is the main thing. Very sheltered and faces W


Similar to Agnondas and in the next inlet along, but down a side road which makes it more peaceful. Less going on, but is a beautiful little cove with tavernas and cafes behind the beach. Umbrellas and sun-beds to rent.The sand is quite fine but with large stones in parts. Very sheltered faces SW

panormos beach at sunset

panormos beach at sunset


A perfect bowl shaped bay which is protected from all angles and includes another internal bay known as Blo, this was the ancient capital of the island. The beach is a crescent of fine pebbles with a big range of tavernas and cafes where you can sit on the beach itself. The water is crystal clear and calm. A perfect family beach with all the facilities which makes it very popular. Most cafes and tavernas have free sun-beds and umbrellas. Very sheltered faces WNW


This is a very popular -very long beach divided by a rock outcrop into two halves with wonderful water. There is a mobile cafe(kantina), a beach bar and behind the beach a taverna.Sun-beds and umbrella’s to hire. Faces NW sometimes gets some wind.The very north end of the beach is sometimes nude outside the main season.


This beach, just after Milia, was the location most used in the filming of ‘Mamma Mia’ and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean and is a smaller more private cove. There is, however, a beach bar behind the beach and car parking and it is probably the only place significantly changed by the films impact. It isn’t the untouched place it once was but the development is not badly done- except that they have planted a lawn between the bar and the beach which is just odd and out of place! Its a young persons place now with music lots of sun-beds and umbrellas. Facilities are free for those partaking in the beach bar. Sheltered faces WNW


The beach of Hovolo, which is to the south of Elios village, is very nice, usually quiet and excellent for swimming and snorkeling. you may have to wade through the sea to get to it though.. faces W. There are 2 beaches in the village of Elios as well. the one in the south is pebbly and the one to the north of the village is more sandy. both face WNW


From the Skopelos to Glossa road you can catch glimpses of this beach which is down quite a steep ,and in places ,rutted track. At the end is the magnificent white rock which gives it its name (navigation rock).A lovely beach and often quite facilities, sometimes nude (at the north east end) outside the main season. Faces NW can be quite breezy

As you go down off the main road towards Armenopetra there is a turning to the left. ,no parking there so walk down, if there is a chain across the road step over it, No beach in Greece is private. Calves is a nice beach faces west more sheltered on a windy day then Armenopetra..


This is a run of small but beautiful coves just beneath the hotel of the same name. Beaches in Greece are all public so it is perfectly okay to visit this wonderful location, just follow the footpaths down from the road just up the slope at the north of Panormos bay. Very sheltered faces S and SW.





The port of Loutraki is just below Glossa and has one long beach and several small ones which are okay if you are staying there or are in need of a quick dip. Has all the facilities as they are in the village. Sun-beds and umbrellas available on the main beach which faces NW so can be breezy


Perivoliou is on the north east coast 10-15 miutes outside Glossa. It is quite steep going down to the beautiful cove like beach. The sand is fine shingle in the south end and with more pebbles in the north.Now has a cantina and a car park with toilets!


Only accessible by sea or by the goat footed amongst us.wild beach often nudists are the only explorers


This has easy access, which is rare for this area of Skopelos, and is therefore used more by families. The wild unadopted beaches are only cleaned up by the winter storms, but are cooler than the western beaches and the water usually feels fresher.

Agios Yiannis

The famous church on the rock, used in the wedding scene in Mamma Mia, is above this small double coved beach. It’s quite popular as most people touring the island come to see this unusual site and many take the opportunity to swim in the clear blue/green water. There is car parking and a good road down from Glossa.


This is the only beach that is easily accessible near the village of Kalogirios, which is fairly deserted. A steep winding road goes down to the beach where you can park next to the sand.


A boat service will take you to this lovely little bay with a beach which varies from fine shingle to pebbles, the water is crystal clear and there is a nice taverna (sometimes two) just behind the beach. Lots of space to park just behind the beach.Update 2017 the owners of the area (i believe a monastery! ) have evicted the taverna owners and so the boat no longer runs either. The future for the beach remains uncertain.


A small beach within the bay of Skopelos Town which again can be reached by boat or car. Its main attraction is its closeness to town but it does have nice clear water.


There are many other small bathing places on the island but some things should be left to those who wish to discover things for themselves!