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March already

Carnival has finished for another year and apart from dressing as a pirate for school on Friday, Junior didn’t seem so enamoured of it this year. We were going to go to the carnival procession in Volos on Sunday but she decided she didn’t want to be just watching and being ’static’ – her wording :-) It’s probably a good job we didn’t go as we had a friend driving over from England and he had that many problems crossing borders and bribing officials that Sean was on the phone to him most of the day.
Clean Monday was an ideal kite flying day; windy and freezing. We headed to the beach and had our most successful kite flying expedition to date.

You can tell from the sky what the weather was like! Junior’s interest soon waned once the kite was flying and she instead turned her attention to collecting pebbles and building a sand cathedral. It seems a castle wasn’t enough – maybe she’s been too long in a Greek Orthodox school.
It didn’t take long for that threatening sky to turn into rain and so we beat a hasty retreat home for coffee and cake.
With the state of affairs in Greece at the moment, we’re always amazed that people continue to open new businesses. Competing with the empty premises up for rent in Volos are new coffee shops and places to eat. I guess they figure people will always want to eat and drink, and whilst they seem to be full when they first open (probably because of the novelty factor), I can’t see them remaining full for much longer. We’ll go out for a drink on Saturday but we don’t eat out as often, sometimes leaving it a few weeks before treating ourselves.
Another recent development is the proliferation of security signs on houses. Just walking Junior to school I’ve noticed quite a few places with new security firm signage on their gates. We’ve heard from other people that there has been a spate of burglaries in the area we live but of course they never target houses with dogs. I knew there had to be a plus side to the noise of constant barking!

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2 Responses to “March already”

  1. Alan says:

    Hi Helen
    Hope all is well with you guys!
    I went over to Thassos for carnival, more to see friends than to celebrate to be honest as I have done it to death!!
    So many shops with for rent signs in I would say about 35/40% in the main town of Limenas!
    Is Sean still in the print game? I am doing OK a bit hand to mouth but surviving!
    How many dogs have you got? we have the one who is called Zeph after a Greek friend of mine, I would love another Large Munsterlander but Jan will have none of it!!
    We are looking at going to Karpathos in the summer by way of a change.
    All the best Alan

  2. helen says:

    Hi Alan, we’re managing let’s put it like that :-)
    Sean doesn’t really bother with print any more it’s now more website work and computer related stuff – seems to be a lot less hassle.
    We’ve got the 3 dogs and 4 cats and can’t see us adding to that any time soon – too expensive!
    We miss Devon but hopefully we’ll manage a visit there maybe next year.
    Take care
    Helen + Sean

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